Rectangular trampolines versus round trampolines

Modern trampolines come mostly in two shape configurations – round and rectangular. Main difference between them is not in appearance, but also in overall safety, price and user experience while bouncing. Rectangular Trampolines VS. Round Trampolines – PERFORMANCERectangular trampolines  give you higher jump while absorbing more landing force. Also, regarding user experience, main difference is … Read more

Trampolines Blog – Trampolines Los Angeles

There are not many national treasures left to behold in our great country. One very sexy national treasure is the smoking hot Megan Fox. She captured us in a pair of daisy duke shorts in the blockbuster movie “Transformers”. She even sizzled as a teenage vampire in “Jennifer’s body”. Finally, Megan bounced on a trampoline … Read more

Mother and child trampoline fun time

Now, let’s learn how to jump on a trampoline.For simplicity sake, let’s assume you lack some basic coordination. You should work to strengthen your leg muscles and increase coordination by doing some basic balance exercises.  Strength is the ability to jump high on the trampoline.  Coordination is jumping high on the trampoline at the right time … Read more